Marketing & Branding Workshops


Retainers (6-month, 9-month, and 12-month periods)

We will work hand-in-hand with your company’s marketing team in order to increase the company’s visibility within your industry. Our team educates your company on the importance of exemplifying an appropriate corporate image, and creates various templates to be applied to your company’s marketing strategy.

Product/Company Launch

A service for startups and small businesses in the process of launching a new product/service to the market. Our team will assist you in creating a marketing strategy for a successful introduction into the market and help you throughout the process of implementation.

Marketing & Branding Workshops (10 or 20 sessions)

Aims to teach companies the essentials of creating and maintaining a successful brand, our team will assist you in making short-term and long-term plans to grow your brands through workshop sessions.

One Day, One Problem Consultations

A one day service wherein startups, small businesses, and/or non-profits pitch their company and crucial marketing problem to our team of experts. After a thorough research on your company and problem, our team will deliver presentation feedback, suggestions, and a 3-month strategic marketing plan which will include three 30-minute telephone follow up sessions.

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