Featured Clients

Canary provides a local online marketplace for people to easily buy and sell items in their community. We do all the leg work for our sellers, from researching their items’ value to writing and managing their listings. For our buyers we coordinate sales, find answers to their questions, and provide a discounted delivery service, while donating 12% of each sale to charity.

FloDesign Sonic is changing the separations and filtration markets through a novel acoustic technology. By leveraging breakthroughs in the use of 3D acoustic standing waves, FloDesign Sonics is able to capture, separate and purify without using physical membranes, chemicals, or centrifugation. Our proprietary technology has numerous applications in a variety of markets including life sciences, oil and gas, food and beverage and industrial processing. The first commercial application is in bioprocess separations where FloDesign Sonics is applying acoustic technology to the manufacturing of life saving bio-pharmaceuticals.

Testive helps students prepare for major entrance exams like the SAT online. Our online platform and personal coaching services offer a more personalized, more flexible, lower cost way to prepare for standardized tests than traditional private tutoring.