Founded: 2011

Based: Cambridge MA

Testive helps students prepare for major entrance exams like the SAT online. Our online platform and personal coaching services offer a more personalized, more flexible, lower cost way to prepare for standardized tests than traditional private tutoring.


  • Over 90,000 students have used Testive


  • Miro Kazakoff and Tom Rose

Testive wanted to get some media coverage around the company’s decision to make access to their website free, but we were unsure of the best way to alert journalists to the news. Frankly, we were unsure how to effectively engage with journalists in general. Our general thinking was to make an announcement the day before the College Board’s SAT announcement to try and get some press from that story. We had not crafted a concrete plan for executing on our goals and were unsure where to start. The only thing we had to go on was an outdated press list of journalists that had covered us before and a few tactics that hadn’t worked very well for us in the past.

Jodi was able to give us a clearer idea of how the media would process our story. During our consultation, she gave us concrete steps we could take to position ourselves as experts and offer our insight for journalists. She explained how this would generate more coverage and better long term relationships than trying to make our company announcement the story.

Jodi advised us to create a list of the journalists in the top 10 markets that had covered previously the SAT along with their contact information. Once we had completed that list, Jodi walked us through a multi-step plan that involved sending journalists an email offering context and insight before the next SAT announcement. She was able to tell us the best times to send those emails and follow-ups. Jodi provided insight and review on the content of the emails as well. If she said it, we did it.

Jodi’s strategy generated responses from WGBH, CBS MoneyWatch, BetaBoston and MarketWatch. They asked us for interviews and we were featured in stories by all of them. In addition to generating short term wins, Jodi helped set ourselves us for a longer-term process of getting in front of related news stories and making ourselves known to the journalists covering them.